Top things in and around Donostia

(Page under construction!)



  1. Mount Igueldo Amusement Park

If you’re into a little bit of tacky fun, this is the place to go. Fun for all the family or when you’ve had a glass or two of wine at lunch. The rickety rollercoaster is genuinely terrifying and I had a laugh in the house of horrors. Apart from that the views from the hill are spectacular and the funiculaire was an experience. It will set you back around €3.70 for a return ticket.

Don’t forget to see if you can race your tortoise to victory! The rides are approximately €2 a go but the view from the top is undoubtedly worth every penny.

After Igueldo, have a nap on the peaceful Ondaretta beach. My preferred swimming spot which is usually slightly calmer than La Concha.

For coffee, my haunt is Koh Tao in Plaza Gipuzkoa. On treat day I generally head to Bideluze first for the best toasted sandwich they can offer and then hit it up for a smooth €1.30 Cafe Solo. They aren’t somewhere to go for lunch but they have some good snacks such as tostadas in the morning and nachos or cake in the afternoon. I have also been known to order a few mojitos in the evening thought the quality usually depends on who is making them.


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