In which I try to make you as jealous as possible listing things we would do if you came to visit.

So this week has flown and since I have received nice feedback from the blog I will attempt to write a post despite not knowing what to write about.  I might even end my profitable teaching career and return to referring to myself as a “blogger,” what I did for that year I was essentially unemployed after college.

It’s unbelievably almost a month since I moved here. In some ways it feels like longer but in others I feel like I really haven’t committed a fraction of this city to memory. Every time I venture outside of my safezone (the apartment and my way to and from the beach and train station) I get lost at least twice. One of those times is almost definitely on purpose, to test out some new streets, the other is just a pain in the ass.

I tried to walk in a straight line the other night to a film screening. Got completely lost. Arrived two minutes before the doors closed. Misunderstood “arriba.” It doesn’t mean hurry, just up. Long story short I was out-of-breath for the first ten minutes of the documentary.

It is a week of note. A month since I arrived and one month until direct-ish flights from Dublin to here cease completely, to resume in March. This gives most of you around three weeks to book flights to visit your favourite person. It also makes it time for me to decide what elaborate route to take whilst jetting (trudging?) home on the 23rd December.

So what would we do if you came?

Well I might have only arrived and maybe I don’t really know the really “cool, cool” things to do. God forbid we do anything where we might accidentally converge with other tourists. Or spend more than €10 on anything. So far, here are my suggestions for a good time.

We’d start in the supermarket where we’d buy the sweetest nectarines that would eventually ripen, some proper mayonnaise, ColaCao , Dinosaurus biscuits, gazpacho and cheap gin. This is the only way to live the good life here.

After that we’d probably browse boutiques, cosmetic and haircare shops until we black out/spend all our money. Then it’s time to hit Parte Vieja for pintxos and especially La Viña for famous cheesecake which I will obviously not join you for.

Sunday is now my favourite day of the week. This is when we head directly to a serious brunch in La Madame which basically makes me feel so much at home in its hipster glory that it is worth the €20. Seeing as you get freshly squeezed grapefruit juice,  tomato tosta, eggs benedict, churros and a coffee for that, it’s pretty great value. The service is efficient and  even amusing and the bathroom resembles a sex dungeon. It’s my new favourite place.

After brunch, weather-permitting, it is beach time. I am now inclined to walk for twenty minutes to Ondarreta as it is less jammed and you get to watch some entertaining surfing and have drinks on the actual sand.

So that was just a fancy way to describe my weekend.

Hey life here is good. I ran away when someone surprised me with a “Buenos tardes” last night and today I hit myself in the face with my own light-up ball (!).

Here are some photo/video highlights of the week. Bring on tomorrow evening, the beginning of the weekend.

12071451_10153672948629645_287765339_n 12080820_10153672947729645_906106100_n 12067928_10153672947564645_281942229_n 12048658_10153672948249645_152988195_n

High Rise
High Rise
Ondaretta Beach
Ondaretta Beach
After the rays
After the rays
Buen Pastor by night
Buen Pastor by night
Renteria's creepy-ass church
Renteria’s creepy-ass church

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