The first few days

So I’ve arrived in San Sebastián and it already feels like home. If home had pintxos, €3 wine and tiny children making fun of me in Spanish.

On the morning I was supposed to leave Dublin, I bent over to pick up something and my back seized up instantaneously. Cue me crying in pain on the phone to the lovely Amanda from Aer Lingus for 2 hours until I could change my flight to the following day. Cue me having to receive many good luck messages and bon voyage texts whilst unable to reply, face-down on my bed as the notifications kept on coming. It was a rocky start at best which left me with a deeper sense of my own mortality than I would’ve liked. Also I apologise for not replying to those messages.

Now, as the Neurofen Plus wears off and I’ve regained control of all muscles, I retain that sense of living in the moment as much as possible. This has led me to spontaneously agree to rent the first apartment I viewed with two English girls I’d never met. This has led me to try foie gras, get lost in the small town I work in, climb a mountain to have a drink, buy €20 lipsticks,  join Tinder because my housemates wanted to. Some of these decisions were good decisions. I’ll let you guess which ones. These are still very tame events and maybe the only ones which can be recorded here but only time will tell.

On the phone to one of the Dublin greats the other day, I summed it up like this:

I was so happy in Dublin. It made it very hard to leave. However I was happy content not happy excited. It’s refreshing to wake up in a new city with new people and new stories. My school is a good one and I think I’ll come out of this a better teacher and a more complete person. I’ll also more than likely be completely broke due to the extreme urge to shop here.

Regarding the new job: It’s tough to adapt to working evenings but I’m getting there thanks to some awesome housemates who are in the same boat. It’s nice to have my own classroom, books and to be thrown into exam preparation, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My teens and kids are on the whole polite  ( we’ll forget that one student who called me abuella!) and the adults are lovely.

Regarding the city: It’s so beautiful and clean. The people are friendly, the food is tasty, the gin and tonics are strong and it’s forty minutes from France. I’m living a wonderful life 3 minutes from the beach. A beach filled with sorbetta and surfers. Come visit.

I miss everyone but my wonderful, sloping apartment is open to any one friend at one time if you’re happy to sleep on the floor beside my weird, faulty Powerpuff Girls lamp. It’s a quirky place but it’s filled with quirky people and does the job!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be getting deeper into my course plans, learning Spanish, visiting neighbouring towns and trying new food but I will try to Skype everyone at some point. Or send you a postcard. Or just think of you by the beach.

Keep in touch!

My bright classroom
La Concha Beach
Buen Pastor
Parte Vieja
Disco Burger
Hippy Van
Urmea River
Urmea River

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